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Friesland is known to be a province rich in water. Water sports enthusiasts have been able to find Friesland for decades to make miles on the water of one of the many Frisian lakes. Anyone who has ever been to Friesland knows that it is pleasant on the water, but not too busy as in Giethoorn or on the Amsterdam canals. There is room for each other here, but it is also not so quiet that you never meet anyone on the water. You always have something or someone to look at, and that's what makes sailing in Friesland so much fun.

Many a Dutchman has had a sailing camp in Friesland in his or her youth. Once infected with the sailing virus, it is impossible not to love sailing and Friesland. The picturesque water sports village Grou is a great base for a sportive day on an open sailing boat. Sportsmanship, teamwork and relaxation come together on a sunny day on the water. Sail from Watersportbedrijf Anja onto the Pikmeer, and then discover the other Frisian lakes such as the Sneekermeer or the Langweerderwielen, with which the Pikmeer is perfectly connected.

On this page we tell you more about sailing in Friesland, the Frisian lakes, National Park De Alde Feanen where the Pikmeer borders and finally we tell you more about the weather forecast in Friesland.

Sailing with an open sailboat in Friesland

Sailing in Friesland is a party

Sailing in Friesland is experiencing freedom with the wind in your hair and in your sails and with a sun on your face. While you are on the water you enjoy the rhythmic sound of your sailing boat on the water. Sailing is a sporty way of sailing. Sailing is for the doers, the people who want to get ahead and who enjoy the power of cooperation. Sailing is an extremely enjoyable activity for sportive groups. At the end of the day you may have a little muscle ache, but you have enjoyed the natural beauty and tranquility that the Frisian lakes have to offer. From the Pikmeer you can easily sail to various Frisian lakes.

The Frisian lakes

When we talk about the Frisian lakes, we usually mean the twenty-four lakes in the Zuidwesthoek region. The Pikmeer, for example, does not belong here. There are more lakes in Friesland that are not meant when talking about the Frisian lakes. Examples are the Lauwersmeer, the Bergumermeer and De Leijen. The Frisian lake district is easily accessible by water from Grou. From the Pikmeer you can easily sail to, for example, the Sneekermeer.


Our boat rental is located in the water sports village Grou on the Pikmeer (also called Pikmar in Frisian) which is a nice base for a sportive day on the water. The Pikmeer is located along the Princess Margriet Canal. In the lake are two islands; Bloedkamp and Grut Eilân. On Grut Eilân stands the starting tower for the sailing races of the SKS. The island is therefore also popularly called the starting island. The island Bloedkamp is an inhabited island.

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The Sneekermeer is perhaps Friesland's most famous lake and is also very popular with water sports enthusiasts. Although it can be quite busy on sunny days, it is not too crowded. Situations like in Giethoorn or on the Amsterdam canals will not be found here.

The Sneekermeer actually consists of several lakes; the actual Sneekermeer, the Goëngarijpsterpoelen, the Zoutepoel and the Gauwster Hoppen. The Sneekermeer is connected to the Langweerderwielen and the city of Sneek. In addition to being a lake with many water sports facilities, the Sneekermeer is also a rich and interesting nature reserve of international importance for many water birds. In spring you will encounter black-tailed godwits, lapwings and golden plovers, in winter they are replaced by widgeons and barnacle geese.


In several places the Goëngarijpsterpools are in direct connection with the Sneekermeer. Both lakes are only separated by the islands Greate Griene and Lytse Griene. The Goëngarijpsterpoelen are on the south side connected to the Langweerderwielen. Along the lake you'll find the village Goingarijp. There is also a marina here.

Long weather wheels

To the west of the village of Joure lie the Langweerderwielen. The lake is connected to the Princess Margriet Canal, the Koevordermeer, the Tjeukemeer and the Sneekermeer. If you go sailing here you will find between the villages Langweer and Boornzwaag the Sweachmermolen on the lake, a polder and corn mill from the year 1782.

De Alde Feanen National Park

If you are going to sail from Grou you can choose to stay in the area and look for nature. Then you sail over the Pikmeer for example to Earnewâld in National Park De Alde Feanen. In this nature reserve, both recreation and nature conservation are of paramount importance. A special feature of this National Park is the presence of the white-tailed eagle. This impressive bird of prey has a wingspan of up to two metres. In National Park De Alde Feanen you can spot (also from the water) many more animals in the wild. The National Park even has its own 'Big Five': the otter, the roe deer, the bittern, the cormorant and the stork. Especially storks you will see frequently in this area, but there is also a chance that you will see a roe deer grazing along the water's edge. Also foxes are common in this area and they also like to show themselves on the waterfront.

The weather in the Netherlands

All about sun, precipitation and of course the wind!

Also in Friesland there is sometimes a shower, but in general Friesland has a lot of sunny days. From April to September there are countless days when it is really nice to go out on the water for a sportive day of sailing. And sometimes even autumn has such nice temperatures that we just extend our season. However, it is important to dress warmly, because it can still be cold on the water.

Water sports company Anja offers a Mooi-weather guarantee. If you book in advance and it turns out to be very bad weather on the day of sailing, the booking can be rebooked free of charge.

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